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If you or someone in your family needs vision correction, you'll be happy to know that modern optometry offers more solutions than ever before. Eyeglasses have always been a simple solution, but many people would prefer a more discreet method for enjoying clear eyesight. Today's contact lenses correct many different kinds of refractive errors while still providing both comfort and convenience. Here at ClearView Family EyeCare, we're ready to help you choose the ideal contact lenses for your needs and make sure they fit your eyes perfectly in Birmingham or Vestavia.

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Why Choose Contact Lenses?

Corrective lenses are primarily prescribed for correcting vision problems caused by refractive errors, imperfections in the way incoming light is refracted by the eye. Common refractive errors include nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. In Vestavia or Birmingham, correcting for these problems with glasses has always been a relatively simple matter, ordering a pair of contact lenses adds an extra degree of complexity. Because contact lenses actually make contact with the corneas of the eyes, this can pose problems for individuals with:

  • Dry eye syndrome, Sjogren's syndrome or other health conditions

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis, an eyelid problem­­ aggravated by proteins that sometimes accumulate on contacts

  • Keratoconus, a bulging of the cornea caused by thin/weak corneal tissue

  • Corneal ectasia due to complications from LASIK surgery.

These and other circumstances can have an impact on what kinds of contact lenses you may need. In most cases we can provide specialty contact lenses for hard-to-fit eyes. For instance, water-based hydrogel lenses enable dry eyes to tolerate contacts, while single-use disposable lenses are less likely to accumulate irritating proteins. Scleral lenses that "vault" over the entire cornea can be worn by keratoconus patients, extreme dry eye patients and even patients who need bifocals. Our Vestavia and Birmingham optometrist will also try to match the type of contacts to your lifestyle.

Selecting Contacts with Your Vestavia Optometrist

Even healthy eyes require a perfect fit if you expect both comfort and clarity. Our Vestavia and Birmingham optometrist must therefore take precise measurements of your eye dimensions to ensure the right fit. We also perform a technique called corneal topography to "map" the surface of the cornea in great detail. This allows us to create custom, form-fitting Birmingham contact ­­lenses to give you the clearest, sharpest vision. Dr. Keriotis is Birmingham’s only certified WAVE contact lens fitter. WAVE is a custom design software that can tailor make a lens for the unique shape of your eyes.

WAVE design software allows custom designed contact lenses for your eyes.

WAVE map from Vestavia Optometrist

Specialty contact lenses can also correct presbyopia (the need for bifocals), which requires multiple fields of vision correction. Multifocal lenses can place these fields in alternating concentric rings; the brain soon learns to interpolate this arrangement. Toric lenses are specially designed not to shift position on the eye, a critical quality for correcting the specific corneal aberrations of astigmatism.

Your Source for Contact Lenses in Birmingham and Vestavia

Have you been searching for contact lenses in Birmingham or a Birmingham optometrist? If you need corrective lenses, the first step after getting eyeglasses is a contact lens exam at ClearView Family EyeCare! Call us today to schedule an appointment with our Vestavia Optometrist!

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