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Conditions Treated By Our Birmingham Optometrist

When you visit our Birmingham optometrist, Dr. Keriotis, you will receive the best care for your eyes. Whether you want to manage nearsighted vision, dry eyes or more complex concerns like glaucoma or monitoring for diabetic eye disease, we offer treatment solutions to address your needs here at ClearView Family EyeCare.

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Common Concerns Treated By Our Optometrist in Birmingham

The common concerns an optometrist in Birmingham addresses ultimately depends on your eyes. An exam allows us to identify concerns, such as nearsighted vision or farsighted vision, but our treatments vary based on the situation.

Common conditions we treat or monitor include:

  • Nearsighted vision

  • Dry eyes

  • Farsighted vision

  • Astigmatism

  • All types of contact lenses including bifocal contact lenses

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts

  • Diabetic eye disease

  • Keratoconus

We offer a variety of treatment solutions based on your needs and situation. Our recommendations vary, so we evaluate each person and then suggest a solution based on their specific lifestyle and goals.

Complex Conditions

Although we offer treatment for common concerns, we also evaluate your situation and provide solutions for more complex vision concerns. Our optometrist and team offer Corneal Reshaping to address increasing myopia in children and a non-surgical alternative to LASIK in adults. Our treatments depend on the age of the individual and the impact of changing vision, so we consider each person before providing treatment. Our myopia control solutions depend on the severity of the changes and the individual.

We also offer solutions for keratoconus. This eye condition impacts the front surface of the eyes due to irregular thinning and bulging of the cornea resulting in an irregular astigmatism. When an individual shows signs of keratoconus, we typically offer scleral lenses to help correct your vision without the discomforts associated with traditional lenses or poor vision of eyeglasses.

Since cases of dry eye may stem from medical conditions, like Sjögren’s Syndrome, or medications you take, we consider your situation before treating the condition. We may recommend eye drops, punctal plugs or scleral lens treatment based on the severity of your symptoms. Mild dry eyes may not require complex treatments while severe forms caused by autoimmune conditions or medical challenges may require more active measures.

When to Seek Treatment

As a general rule, our Birmingham optometrist recommends an annual exam to check on the changes to your eyes and any possible complications associated with eye conditions. Our Birmingham optometrist evaluates the situation and recommends treatment based on your eyes and vision. 

If you have concerns about your vision before an annual exam, then visit our clinic to talk to an optometrist in Birmingham. Any sudden changes may relate to health concerns and we recommend immediate evaluation to address the underlying problems that may contribute to eye conditions or challenges.

Call Us Today So We Can Answer Your Questions!

Your vision is essential to your lifestyle, so you want to address potential problems at an early stage. At our clinic, we recommend different treatments based on your needs and the conditions you develop. To learn more about our treatment solutions or the conditions we treat in our clinic, call or contact us today.

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